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April 24, 2015

Reclaimed Entry Table Madness

Entry Table Madness I tell you.  This project was the brain child of my hubby, we were approached to make something to sell at a friend's store in Door County.  I must say, we were kind of excited to come up with a reclaim wood piece to make for the store, yet mildly nervous at building something for others, not just our home. In our true fashion, we set forth with no plan just a sketch. Famous last words: "We'll figure it out!"

Project started by figuring out the top dimensions, then completed the leg structure and drawers.

Much of the build went on with out a hitch.  It was Mr.'s first adventure in drawer construction and using not so straight, warped wood makes square constructing a treat to say the least.

Now for my PSA on thinning stain, and being aware of what you are using to thin said stain.  Never under any circumstances just wing it and grab whatever thinner chemical is on the shelf in the garage and proceed to stain in your close-confined basement. Now nothing horrible happened, but lucky is an understatement.  I have always just used what we had or grabbed something from the stash we have collected and finished it in a well-ventilated outside area.  This time around it was 9pm and 20˚ outside...that night I believed it was too cold and too late to bring this outside in the garage where I normally finish things. To make matters worse I was out of my normal go to low-order mineral spirits,  I grabbed the naphtha I had, thinned the stain to about a 10:1 ratio and stained away next to the furnace & gas hot water heater.  Approximately 12:30am, probably high on fumes, I start to freak out because the house smells of stain/thinner and then I chose to read the label. 'Cause now is the time to finally read it?! 

I have used naphtha outdoors, prior, knew it was great for drying quickly, what I didn't know is it is highly flammable. The fumes apparently can spontaneously combust with an ignition source as well as the liquid itself. Per label it should never be used indoors in confined spaces i.e. basements or bathrooms. Now I find out, I think I only slept about 2-3 hours that night after. For the next few hours I aired out the house and dragged everything that naphtha had touched outside, while I came down from my high!
Tinted Medium Maple Stain with Water-Based Matte Finish
In the end the finish turned out beautiful, I learned a lot about household chemicals and why I should not be lazy!!!

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